The Consul
Just Opera's inaugural production
Fully staged, in English with English supertitles

At MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana Castellano Playhouse
510 South First Street, San Jose CA 95113

Friday 8/25 7:30pm
Sat 8/26 2:30pm
Sun 8/27 2:30pm
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Directed by Phil Lowery
Conducted by Marie-Louise Catsalis

John Sorel is a resistance leader in a totalitarian country. When the Police break up a secret meeting and kill many of his friends he is forced to flee the country, leaving behind his wife Magda, his Mother, and his little child.

Magda endeavors to join him through proper channels but first has to get past the formidable Secretary of the Consulate, who demands ever more documents to grant Magda access to the Consul. Will Magda and her family survive her extreme vetting?

Menotti's first full-length opera won the Pulitzer prize in 1950. The score features powerful music and soaring ensembles. The MACLA performance space is intimate and ideal for the immersive and intense modern-day setting.

Magda Sorel: Katia Hayati
The Secretary: Gwendolyn Kuhlmann
John Sorel: Matthew La Rochelle
The Mother: Elana Cowen
Secret Police Agent: Ben Brady
The Magician: Greg Allen Friedman
Mr. Kofner: Norman Espinoza
The Foreign Woman: Kathryn Benedicto
Anna Gomez: Elizabeth Patterson
Vera Boronel: Katie Francis
Assan: Dan Galpin
Voice on the Record: Danielle Wells
Plainclothesmen: Houdin Dehnad, Miles Spielberg

Piano: Jason Griffin